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“HSM’s know-how really stacked up for us.”

HSM: Intelligent Security for National Transportation and Distribution Centers

Based on our extensive experience protecting distribution centers of major freight and transportation companies, we understand the pressures you are under to protect not only your products, but often the products of your customers as well.

The HSM National Accounts Program is your group’s answer to providing security for a large number of locations without multiplying your headaches. A single master security plan can be formulated and put into place to achieve total continuity—with a single point of contact.

The HSM transportation and distribution centers support network is in place—serving all major markets in North America. You can gain higher efficiencies while you lower costs and reduce risks.

The transportation/distribution industries have their own special needs:

HSM Intelligent Security: Transportation/Distribution


Intelligent Solution

  • Area-controlled security helps protect against both external and internal theft by securing some areas while others are occupied to prevent loss of your customer’s product.
Facility Management
  • Our eDataManager allows easy access to all alarm data from your desk to help you manage more efficiently.
  • Confirmation of facility open/close on time.
Unauthorized Access
  • HSM Access Control Systems help you manage people and vehicle access to your location.
  • We help you protect people, property and company information without inconveniencing your employees or disrupting your business.
Fire Threat
  • HSM code compliant, rapid and reliable fire alarm systems provide early notification to protect life and property.
Multiple Locations
  • We establish a program that matches your company’s needs on a local, regional or national basis.
  • We provide the knowledge and consistency you need to make informed security decisions.
Remote Surveillance
  • When resources are limited we can help you keep an eye on your facility and remotely authorize or deny access.
Response Times
  • Our state-of-the-art HSM Customer Service Center provides reliable and prompt response to alarm conditions.
Limited Security Staff
  • Your security staff can cover a large area efficiently.
  • Multiple spots can be observed from a single monitoring location.
  • Your team can do surveillance work efficiently and economically.
  • We help you keep an eye on your facility and your employees by empowering your security staff to be everywhere at once.